Looking for a job?

Well, the market here in Brazil isn’t bad, but I have always had a feel for moving out for some time and working/studying in another country. As I’m a German/Brazilian, germany is a probable location, and the PHP market there is really great and rising.

On a related note Liip (a swiss company) is once again hiring. And they have found a rather interesting way of getting the word out. The ideia is simple, Blog about the job offerings and stand to win a liiPod. So if yo are interested in going to europe to work/study, maybe this is the chance!

Check out http://www.liip.ch/company/jobs/ to see where you “fit” in Liip master plan.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a job?

  1. Will it be that in Germany labor market exists for Brazilian, with superior course (economic sciences), what does speak English, but what doesn’t nothing understand of German?



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