Feedalizr – A Desktop/AIR FriendFeed App

Since I recently joined the SWAT Team, let me take the opportunity to tell you abou an interresting app, developed by our team, with contributions of SWAT Brazil and SWAT South Africa.

Its called Feedalizr, a desktop client, developed in Adobe AIR, which retrieves your feed from FriendFeed , allowing you to follow all the action right on your desktop. Much like we see with twitter, but this is actually the first FriendFeed Desktop App to have been released, just last week.

Its in alpha but a new version should be available within the week, with loads of new stuff and improved usability, worth checking it out! This is a sample of the kind of projects that may lie ahead for me in this new and exciting position, as described in the previous post.

Check it out: www.feedalizr.com

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)