DMS\Filter Library 1.0.1 and Bundle

The past weeks I finally had some time to invest in the DMS library again, so i got busy with a few things. I also had to fix a big problem which had gone unnoticed to me, so i have to thank Mr. Guilherme Blanco for pointing it out.

Sadly this means a BC break, so please follow and make adjustments.

The BC break: ->filter() becomes ->filterEntity()

The reasoning here is simple, PHP still supports legacy from PHP4 meaning a function with the same name as the class is understood as a constructor. This generates a few nasty notices, and it made enough sense to rename the function, making it clear like the other ones.

The DMSFilterBundle

Along with this i had time to work on building a Bundle so you can plug filtering into Symfony 2 just as you would with validation.

Composer support

This bundle is also available on Packagist, making it easy to install, i’ll also add the DMS and Filter library as standalones to this soon.


I finally tagged the releases as 1.0, or rather 1.0.1 as i quickly found a few fixes to put in.

The rest remains, here are the links:

DMS Library: github

DMS Filter Library (sub-tree split): github

DMS Filter Bundle (sub-tree split): github | packagist/composer | knpbundles page (please recommend it if you like it)